Police arrests 3 for assaulting EEDC staff in Anambra state

Police have arrested 3 residents of Umuoji road in Ogidi area of Anambra state in connection with the assault of EEDC staff over a move to disconnect a compound. In the video which has gone viral, a man was seen assaulting 3 EEDC staff that wanted to disconnect his compound as another resident was heard appealing to him to calm down and not fight. As one of the staff tried to escape, he chased him down and appeared to have slammed him against the gate.

The video has drawn mixed reactions online with many people condemning the brutality of the resident in question and many others making excuses on account of extortionate bills, poor supply and of having experienced poor customer service from the EEDC.

It was gathered that the man had been served an outrageous estimated bill and that power supply to the area had been very poor.

EEDC quickly involved the police and the culprits were apprehended which was posted on EEDC social media platforms with a caption warning the public to desist from such acts and that customers should use the redress mechanisms to express their grievances.

You can watch the video below:

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