The Electricity generated in Nigeria at the moment is far below the growing demand. According to a Nigeria’s National Population Commission’s report, there are 178.5 million people in the country and currently, electricity supplied is 5,000MW which is grossly inadequate for that amount of people in the country. In order for anyone residing or doing business in Nigeria to enjoy constant power supply, they must look beyond what the grid can supply, it is important for every Nigerian to invest in reliable back-up energy source.

The inconsistency of electricity supply affects the economy because in order for the economy to move forward, there has to be a constant supply of power for businesses, schools, homes, refineries, farms, etc. to flourish. While we can all agree that the power sector is a prerogative of the federal government because of its close-knit ties with the economy, It is abundantly clear that to run a business successfully in Nigeria, back-up energy services are indispensable. Just as the name implies, back-up energy services do not take the place of normal grid supply, but only serve as a support to fill up the spaces created by outages. Nigerians are already all too familiar with this concept as Nigeria has been named the Generator capital of the Africa with over 70 million generator sets in regular use. Generators are unhealthy; they pollute the air with poisonous fumes and are very noisy. What most Nigerians are yet to fathom is that there are more convenient back-up services which can offer more benefits with less of the health hazards.

For most individuals in Nigeria, going solar still sounds like a Hollywood mantra and hasn’t caught on with the much of the Nigerian middle class. It is quite rare to see solar panels in middle-class or low-class neighborhoods as many regard them as a luxury to be enjoyed by the rich alone.  What they fail to understand is that the cost of renewable energy including solar has dropped more than 50% in the last 10 years and with the flexible payment plan offered on this product by top Nigerian solar companies like Powerbug, just about anybody with a stable job can pay for a solar energy system. Solar energy systems are very durable and require little or no maintenance over the life span of the components.

Solar energy is by far more cost-effective than generators when you total the cost of running both over the years. Solar energy is also noiseless and pollution free knocking out generator in the health benefits department. The much of the developed world which is less endowed with solar irradiance are embracing the solar revolution. It’s about time Nigerians make the smarter choice!

Source: Powerbug Solar

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