Korea International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC 2019)

Korea International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC 2019) is a conference scheduled for the 23rd to the 25th of October, 2019 at COEX in Seoul, republic of Korea. This conference is the 8th edition of  the international renewable energy conference and it will be hosted by the ministry of trade, industry and energy of republic of Korea (MOTIE), renewable energy policy network for the 21st century (REN21) and Seoul metropolitan Government (SMG). Due to the issue of domestic supply and demand of electricity, interest has been turned in the direction of renewable energy, covering up for the inadequacies of domestic supply and KIREC 2019 will serve as an opportunity for ministers, high level decision makers, experts, specialists, thought leaders, private sector players, civil society and those with interest in renewable energy to come together and discuss ways through which renewable energy can be implemented and pushed forward.

KIREC 2019 will have sections where different topics relating to renewable energy will be dissected and talked on by speakers in that given field. The major goal of the conference is to procure solutions to challenges hindering or that might hinder the full implementation of renewable energy. A range of speakers will be present to spearhead different sections of the conference and aside the normal program schedule; there will be side events hosted by the organizations and it will be open to everyone planning on attending the conference and in these side events, talks on what is being done to boost the transition to renewable energy will be had.

This conference is free, as no charge is required to be paid in order to attend. If you plan on attending, all you have to do is register online before the deadline and an invite would be sent to you. In order to find out more about this conference, visit the website:


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