The international conference on new energy and application (ICNEA 2019) is one organized to hold on the 9th to the 11th of November, 2019 at the Jica Yokohama centre (Jica Yokohama) located in Yokohama, a suburb of the Tokyo metropolitan area famous for its international port and atmosphere, in Japan. This conference is the 4th edition to be held in 2019 and it is mainly targeted at researchers, academia, practitioners and professionals in the energy industry and the government as well. Those who also have interest in new energy and applications are welcome to be a part of this conference, as it will serve as a platform for learning and knowledge sharing.

International conference on new energy and application is one of the leading international conferences known for presenting fresh and creative advancements in the area of new energy and applications. This conference will ensure that all those in attendance will have the opportunity to network, share their ideas and learn from others while given the opportunity to be of impact as well.

Effective communication will be had among researchers and practitioners who are working in a variety of scientific areas with common interest and this will go on to promote new energy technology and related techniques. Furthermore, There will be five (5) keynote speakers available in this conference, from different fields and each keynote speaker will spearhead different parts of the conference and impact knowledge the best way they can, based on the areas they will be talking on during the conference.

For those planning on being in attendance, a fee is expected to be paid in order to register to be a part of the event and the registration fee differs based on attendee. To find out more about this forthcoming conference, visit the website:



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